Current Work

This page is a rolling content page of the current Astrophotogrphy by Steve Yerby.

 Copernicus Crater

Copernicus Crater

This is a collage of the 2015 Lunar Eclipse from start to finish. The center image is the eclipse in full totality.

This is a supernova remnant called the Veil Nebula. It's one of my favorite summer objects to image. Exposure 3hours with 6" Ritchey Chrétien f/5.6

This is an image of our Sun taken with a Skyris 274m camera  thru a Coronado Solarmax 60mm.The Image was stacked with Registax and processed with Photoshop 4. The image was inverted and false color was added.

The gash down the center of the range is called the Alpine Valley and is about 6 miles at it's widest point. The crater to the left that is almost blacked out is Plato. 

Shadows on the Moon - Mighty Apennine Mountain Range. These moon mountains rise 3-5km above the surface of the moon and were a backdrop of many Apollo 15 moons shots.

This is the Super Moon imaged on 8.10.14.  This night the moon is at perigee, meaning at it's closest point to earth, and it happens to be full at the exact same time!  This full moon will be 30 percent brighter and 14 percent larger than the smallest full moon of the year, according to

This is the Andromeda Galaxy, M31.  The core of this galaxy can be seen with the unaided eye.  In fact, this is the furtherest thing that you can see with the naked eye.  This is an exposure of about 4.5 hours with an SBIG astronomical camera - ST-8300c.